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TDI Helitrox/Decompression Procedures

Are you finding your no- decompression limits (NDLs) a limiting factor to dives? Do you have to ascend sooner than you would like? As sport divers, planned decompression is not something that we do or have been taught.The TDI Helitrox/Decompression Procedures Course prepares you for planned staged decompression diving using the most effective gas choices and helium based mixes to reduce gas density and in turn the narcotic dose. With a maximum operating depth of 45 metres. After these two courses and some additional experience, the stage has been set for you to move onto additional technical levels.


Pre Requisites

  • Minimum age 18
  • Minimum certification of SDI Advanced Adventure Diver, Advanced Diver, or equivalent
  • Proof of 25 logged open water dives


Course Structure:

Day 1: Theory, Equipment Session, Dive Planning, Confined Water session

Day 2: Dives 1 & 2

Day 3: Dives 3 & 4

Day 4: Dives 5 & 6 (only needed if combining with Deco Procedures)



Course Pricing

Training and Instructor Fees $1495


*Personal gas and boat dives additional