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Dive Training



Diving can be a life long pursuit with an array diving and specialty skills to learn and experience. At Snorkel and Dive Safari Altona Beach we offer the full range of diver training from Scuba Experience Try Dive Programs, to a full range of Recreational and Technical Training, Rebreather and Professional Courses.


Expand on your recreational dive experience with courses in Enriched Air Nitrox use and deeper adventure programs such as Explorer 30 or Advanced 35 where you learn a wide variety of new skills including but not limited to Navigation, Night, Deep, Wreck and Rescue. Explore the technical side of training with training in twin tank systems, side mount diving configurations, redundant gas, and decompression diving.


Building on your existing skills will increase your confidence as a diver and provide you with the ability to tackle new and more challenging diving conditions as well as expanding the number and variety of dive sites available to you. Melbourne has some world class deep and wreck diving including J-class submarines, scuttled shipwrecks and spectacular wall dives at 100+ meters. 


On top of expanding your own skills and competence, learn to support others through recognising and responding to diver stress to curtail panicked diver situations, respond to possible rescue situations should they occur and to recover an unresponsive diver providing basic life support in water whilst waiting for emergency services.