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Private Open Water Course

If you are unable to attend our pre-scheduled weekend courses or would prefer the opportunity for one-on-one training our private course option would be suited to you. With private training we will be able to tailor make the course to suit your needs, dates and time schedule.

Due to government issued restrictions for COVID-19 we are currently unable to conduct open water courses due to being unable to access pools. This will be reviewed regularly in line with government updates.


Diving is a unique experience that allows you to explore places that only a handful of
human beings have laid eyes on. Over seventy percent of the world is under water and your
Open Water Certificate is your license to explore it!
Scuba diving is for fun loving individuals that crave adventure and social sporting activities.
Meet new friends and enjoy the freedom of gliding through the blue!
In your new serene weightless environment you will be enthralled by undersea canyons,
swim with schools of seemingly make-believe fish, marvel at the beauty of weedy sea
dragons, and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the ocean. Come and join the many people
who have made diving their life time passion.
During the course you will explore the best diving sights that Victoria has to offer. Ninety
percent of the species you will view in Southern Victoria are found nowhere else in the
Our open water training will be completed at a variety of Victoria’s prestigious dive sites,
including shore and boat dives in and around Port Phillip Heads and Bay area.



Course Cost $1149


• 5 hours of pool training dives, 4 open water course dives minimum
• Pool hire, instructor fees, gas fills
• International recognised Open Water Certification e-card Government Accredited Nationally Recognised
• Insurance


You can sign up at any time online for FREE by visiting the RAID website During the registration process you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire, provide your details and choose a RAID Training Centre to be affiliated with for your practical training. The registration is an easy 3 step process.



RAID has an advanced online e-learning program which covers all of your manuals, quick quiz and exams. Your online training fee of US$60 is included in the course cost. Once your registration has been processed your chosen RAID training centre will activate your online course and assign an instructor to you who will be able to view the progress of your online training. Upon successful completion of the e-learning program you will be ready to complete the practical component of the course. You have the option of purchasing any course you wish and starting the theory prior to booking your training and this is a great way to get a head start on advanced diving knowledge.


Day 1 & 2
Starting on Saturday morning we will be covering the equipment components that you will be using during the course. We will then head to the pool for the first of two in-water sessions including the watermanship assessment. These sessions have a strong emphasis on the mastery of buoyancy and trim prior to the completion of any skills. This provides divers with greater comfort in the water along with a sound understanding of how they fit in the underwater world. Sunday is also allocated to complete the confined water training and allows practice to refine equipment adjustment in preparation for open water diving. RAID’s training systems and it’s focus on training divers with great buoyancy control sets it apart from other agencies and from experience the two separate confined training sessions work very effectively whilst giving you enough time to master skills rather than rush through them.


Day 3 & 4
This weekend we will be heading into the open water with a day to focus on shore based dives and adapting to the open water environment. During these initial dives we aim to complete most of the essential skills you have previously practiced in the confined water. Sunday is scheduled as our boat diving day to focus on making you comfortable with the procedures of diving from a boat whilst visiting some of the best sites we can offer. We also work up to making you comfortable diving to your maximum qualifying depth of 20m which is a direct reflection to the unique RAID quality of training.


Pre Requisites
*Each participant must purchase or supply their own snorkelling system consisting of mask, snorkel, fins and boots. Demo model fins are available for use on the course with the cost of hire refundable upon purchase of own fins.
*Each participant will be required to complete a medical questionnaire as part of the registration process. Any concerns highlighted on this questionnaire will require the student to obtain a dive medical certificate.
*Minimum participant age 12 years.