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Training Agencies


We are focused on great training and we have chosen two dive training agencies to be involved with that work with our phillosophy, while there are nearly 100 different training agancies world wide there are only a handfull that can truely call themselves 'International'



RAID is a truely International training agency and has the pleasure of being able to say it is owned by divers who activly dive, they have a focus on modern online materials and have expanded thier range in recent years to include most Open Circut courses and from their beginings as a Rebreather Training Agency they oc course have CCR courses, they are a voting member of RSTC (Recreational Scuba Training Council) and are also a member of RESA (Rebreather Education Safety Association).  RAID undoubtibly has the most modern and detailed training manuals available and are completely online aiming at a near paperless system.


TDI is one of the largest Technical agencies spanning the globe, We run most if not all of our technical training through TDI and it is well respected and recognised worldwide, it also a voting member of RSTC and RESA, some of thier programs are available online with more in development with a range of hard copy materials supporting courses if you feel like a physical manual to learn from.



Regardless of which agency we choose to support the courses we run you can be sure you will get modern, fun and safe training with a recognised certification to show upon successfull completion, we focus on proper training not so much which agency. If you have any questions or would like to compare course materials just talk to one of our instructors.