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RAID DECO 50 - 50m Trimix Technical Program

Getting the ‘thumbs up' sign is probably the worst signal any diver can receive since it signifies that the dive has ended. Extending time, and sometimes depth, in water is probably every divers desire. The thrill of pushing the envelope and becoming an explorer is what drives many to become divers, and the Deco 50 course forms the basis and essential skills and knowledge needed to become an explorer.

Deco 50 has been written with the new technical diver in mind. This means that divers wanting to participate in technical open circuit programs and who are certified in Deep 40, Master Rescue and Nitrox may bypass the Deco 40 program.

The course has modern, graphic rich manuals which explore and introduce the most modern information and techniques. A modern skill set places emphasis on managing skill mastery while neutrally buoyant. The skills themselves have been up as well with desire being that RAID divers will use a similar equipment configuration and perform the skills in a similar fashion.

The manuals also cater to the sidemount diver wanting to become Deco 50 diver.


This course is a premier 50m Trimix program, when push comes to shove it's the experience and training you fall back on, not a cert card.



Be a minimum 18 years old.

Have been certified diver for at least 3 months.

Be certified as a RAID Explorer 30 or RAID Advanced 35 diver or equivalent.

Certified as a RAID Nitrox and RAID Deep 40 diver or equivalent.

logged at least 5 hours between 27-40 m

logged 50 hours underwater or 75 dives using open circuit



Online Theory Component

Theory Session

Land drills

Stamina test - In water

Confined Water Session

8 Boat Dives

Course split over 7 days of training



Full Technical Kit         

Primary Torch

Wet notes or slate                   

2 x SMB & Reel

2 Line Cutting tools       

Deco Cylinder & 02 cleaned deco reg

Off-board inflation       

Trimix capable PDC



Practical & e-learning Training Package $1599

- On-line RAID e-learning US$130 - included

- Gas and boat fees additional


Course Booking Information

For course booking information, including our rescheduling policy, please click here.