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RAID Drysuit Diver Course


Dive into the world of drysuit diving with our comprehensive RAID Drysuit Diver Course. This program offers a blend of engaging theory and practical skills, tailored to enhance your diving experience. You'll start with an in-depth understanding of drysuit diving principles, followed by hands-on training in essential techniques, including precise buoyancy control.

Our course begins with a personalized fitting and adjustment session to ensure your drysuit is perfectly suited to you. Next, you'll participate in a confined water session, allowing you to gain confidence and mastery over your new skills in a safe environment.

The adventure continues with more shore based training where you'll apply your knowledge in real-world conditions. Throughout these dives, you'll practice combining proper weighting with advanced buoyancy techniques, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable diving experience.

Join us for the RAID Drysuit Diver Course and elevate your diving skills to new depths!


Santi Dry Suit Course

Discover the exceptional quality and performance of Santi dry suits with our specialized Santi Dry Suit Course. Designed for divers seeking an in-depth understanding of this premium brand, our course delves into the finer details of Santi's high-end suits, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Join us to unlock the full potential of Santi dry suits, mastering the features and techniques that set them apart. Whether you're aiming for enhanced comfort, durability, or advanced functionality, this course provides the knowledge and skills to elevate your diving experience to the next level.




To be a minimum of 15 years old

Certified RAID OW20 or equivalent

Complete the RAID registration procedures HERE

*May be incorporated into OW20 training


Before making your course payment, we encourage you to complete the medical questionnaire available on the RAID website or through this downloadable form  HERE. If you have any concerns based on the questionnaire, please contact us.




On-line theory completion

Confined water session

Shore Dives





Practical & e-learning Training Package $349


Club hire rates available when hiring necessary equipment 


With advance notice, we can arrange for trial drysuits, allowing you to complete the course in a top-tier suit. This is an excellent opportunity to receive drysuit training while exploring the latest designs and features in drysuit technology. Please note that there may be a shipping cost for specific suits. Contact us to arrange your training or schedule a demonstration.



Our mission, aligned with RAID’s philosophy, is to train proficient and safe divers in an enjoyable atmosphere. All our courses are performance-based, and we are committed to providing the additional time and support needed to ensure you meet the required standards. Please note that this extra time may incur additional costs.




Course Booking Information

For course booking information, including our rescheduling policy, please click HERE.