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What is the diving like in Melbourne?

Great!!! Our local diving can be split up into two catagories, Shore and Boat. Shore diving can be done within Port Phillip Bay and is typically shallow reef diving and a mix of interesting Pier structures.

Boat diving is very diverse with dives ranging from reef to wrecks, wall and drift dives that cater for all levels of diver from Open Water to Technical.  Some local knowledge is critical and going with someone who know the sites will yield a more enjoyable experience, the boats operate "live" and with a few exceptions will idle nearby waiting for you to return before collecting you after the dive, SMB's (Surface Marker Buoys) are mandatory and assist the boat locating you, these are deployed from underwater as you are making your ascent and safety stop and is one of the skills needed to master for the local area.

Temperate water generally means colours are vibrant if the area has current flow, Port Phillip Heads is such an area with spectacular wall dives and exciting drift dives, there is also a myriad of wrecks to keep the rust hunters happy, with 4 WW1 J class Submarines are within recreational diving limits.


Will I be warm enough diving?

Everybody has a different thermal resilience, temperatures vary from 22 degrees in the summer to 12 degrees in the winter (sometimes a degree or two outside that range).  7mm wetsuits, semi-dry wetsuits and drysuits are seen almost all year round depending on number, depth and duration of dives planned. There are some hardcore divers that will be spotted in 2/3mm wetsuits and shorty wetsuits at times of the year...

Wearing a thicker wetsuit than normal can effect buoyancy and often a Cold Water Orientation or Shore Dive before any boat dives is recommended.

Certification Depth generally determines what sites you can book onto, having recent experience (within 12months) and having dived conditions similar are all questions you will be asked when booking to ensure the dives are suitable.


What will I see diving here?

If it's fish you have an interest in ask one of our friendly team members! Be prepared to be bombarded with useful information. Fish charts and books are available at the shop and come in handy identifying local species, but some of the highlights are Weedy Sea Dragons, Sea Horses, Smooth Rays, Banjo Rays, Blue Devils, Horse Shoe Leather Jackets, Pinky Snapper, Globe Fish, Dusky Morwong, Herring Cale, Spiny Rock Lobster, Scallop, Abalone and Port Jackson Sharks to name a few.


Club Night, what's that all about?

We run a monthly club night on the first Wednesday of each month and club membership covers a meal on the night, it's a chance to socialize with other divers, hear what's been happening at the shop and perhaps be entertained by guest presenters of interesting topics. New guests are welcome to attend for free to check it out, there are some functions like the Christmas Club Night that have a cover charge but it's totally worth it! just ask anyone that has attended.


How do I find out about dives and events?

We send out regular club emails, however you have to give us your email details on a sign up sheet at the front counter - we don't automatically sign you up! (we hate having that done too).  Our Website had detailed info and we also use Facebook and Instagram to keep you up to date with last minute deals and dives. Our phone works too so give us a call if you can't find what you're looking for.


Oh you have a dog! (Kayla) is it going to eat me?

Maybe ha ha, No she is lovely and for the most part very relaxed but she does like to be acknowledged and is a sucker for pats!! We don't know exactly what breed she is but when we rescued her we were told Grey Hound Cross.  Her papers say Mastiff and our vet swears she is part Stag Hound... she often thinks she is a cat so a mix of those we guess.


I want to organize a special course or trip, is that possible?

Anything is possible, we often plan special trips or organize bespoke training to suit our customers, if you have something in mind shoot us an email or even better pop in to discuss personally.  Every one of us here loves what we do and it's not that hard to convince us on a cool idea.


Refund and Returns Policy

Both the consumer and business have rights under Australian Consumer Law.

We are not required to provide a refund if a customer changes their mind, ordered the wrong product, found the product cheaper elsewhere, damages the product by misuse or has used the product for a long time and the problem is due to usual wear and tear.

We will provide either a refund or replacement if an item has a major fault, this is when an item has a problem that if known about would have stopped someone purchasing the product, it is unsafe, is very different to the description or doesn’t do what we said it would or you asked for and is not easily fixed. Alternatively you can choose to keep the item and we can compensate you for a drop of value.

If the problem is not major we will repair the item within a reasonable time, if it extends beyond a reasonable time you can choose a refund or replacement.

Above and beyond all rights provided by Australian Consumer Law we operate by a ‘Fair and Reasonable’ ethos and as such look at each situation individually and are willing to discuss options that are fair to both parties.