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How do I make a course booking?

If you have questions about a course or service you can call and talk to one of the staff and they will cover the detail you need, if you are ready to make a course booking you have the following options:

  • Head into the shop and make a course booking in person, we talk you through the online diver registration process, take the course payment and if you wish to pick the ideal course dates then and there we get you booked.
  • Call the shop and we can take a card payment by phone and then talk you through the details mentioned above.
  • Email through your course booking request and we can give you bank details to make a transfer and email you all of the details mentioned above.


Can I make a booking, get registered but choose my course dates later?

Yes you can make the booking and get the course material setup so you can start preparing but choose your ideal course dates later eg: waiting for leave to be approved or shift details to be released.



Can I change my course dates if I have committed to dates?

Yes you can change your course dates for free if you give us 7 days notice as it may effect staff or other students, if it's less than 7 days we have a $50 re-booking fee.