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Deep 40


RAID Deep 40 is a comprehensive program providing divers with the skill and knowledge to safely complete dives to 40m. Divers will cover knowledge of equipment, comprehensive dive planning and contingency/redundancy planning. Divers who have completed an Explorer 30 or Advanced 35 course may choose to use previous deep course dive(s) toward the Deep 40 certification. (Please talk to us if you would like to discuss this option further).

As with all RAID programs divers will complete their theory online prior to joining their instructor for the practical training component. There is scope to use helium mixes during this program to reduce narcosis.



*Redundant gas required in the form of manifold twin tank setup, Sidemount system or stage tank with independent regulator

*Divers previous experience will be assessed to determine the requirements of a pool session


Our mission in line with RAID’s philosophy is to ensure we train proficient and safe divers in an enjoyable atmosphere. All our courses are performance based and we will take extra time where needed to ensure you meet standards. This extra time may incur additional costs.






To be a minimum of 15 years old

Certified RAID Explorer or equivalent

Certified RAID Nitrox or equivalent

8 hours logged underwater dive time

Complete the RAID registration procedures HERE


Before making your course payment we encourage you to complete the medical questionnaire either on the RAID website or via this downloadable form HERE. If anything on there could be of concern, please contact us!



On-line theory completion

Evening Theory Session

Pool Session *

4 Boat Dives



Mask/Snorkel          Boots and Fins

Wrist Slate                SMB & Reel

Torch                         Line Cutting Device

Redundant Gas Supply*



Practical & e-learning Training Package $799

- On-line RAID e-learning US$70

- Practical Training $749

Scuba Gear Hire package *Course Special* $100



June 29th and 30th


Course Booking Information

For course booking information, including our rescheduling policy, please click here.