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Learn to Snorkel

 Snorkeling is an excellent way to be introduced to the aquatic world. With our programs you do not require any previous experience as your snorkel instructor will guide you through all of the required skills to become a safe and competent snorkeler. Some of the skills you will learn on your Snorkel & Dive Safari Snorkel Course include:

  • Flotation techniques
  • Clearing your mask
  • Clearing your snorkel
  • Surface swimming
  • Surface dives
  • Underwater manoeuvres

The fun training program will also cover a range of topics, providing you with a valuable understanding about your snorkeling equipment, the pressure effects of air and water on the body and a general awareness of the marine environment.


Scheduled Sessions:


Tuesday 7th, Tuesday 14th, Tuesday 21st, Tuesday 28th


Snorkeling is a fun and exciting activity that you can enjoy all year round. As your skills and confidence levels grow you can take advantage of the many snorkeling sites around Australia. In fact snorkeling is a great way to turn your next holiday into an unforgettable adventure. Snorkel and Dive Safari in conjunction with Dive Adventures offers a great range of holiday and snorkel travel packages throughout Australia and around the world. We have many travel destinations available that you can enjoy yourself or with the company of your family or friends.


Snorkel Lessons $119

*Above price includes equipment rental.

* A basic level of swimming is required.