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Refresher Courses

Rusty Diver Program

Anyone who has not dived in more than 1yr when presented with less than ideal conditions can easily find themselves and their buddy in a dangerous situation. Snorkel Safari’s “Rusty Diver” program is a quick and inexpensive way of refreshing the key skills you need to dive safely regardless of conditions. The rusty diver program also covers all requirements to dive off charter boats in Victoria

You can comfortably update your skills with Snorkel Safari and re-ignite your passion for Scuba Diving. Your next dive will not only be far safer, it will also be a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience once you have regained your confidence.



Included ...

  • Any required equipment hire
  • Air fills
  • Pool or Shore Dive session
  • Optional Double Boat dive
  • Professional instruction

Program Outline

*Theory and Equipment Review Session

This session will review some of the theory and procedures to diving as well as an equipment assessment on either new or old equipment to ensure familiarity with use and function.

*Pool/Shore session

In this session you will cover the fundamental skills and safety procedures with your instructor. Correct weighting will be reviewed and you will also be provided time to practice and build your comfort before heading to the open water.

*Double Boat Dive (Optional Add On)

Upon successful completion of the pool session you will progress to  the open water where skills will be put back into practice with a boat dive to one of our premier dive sites.


  • Proof of initial certification
  • Current medical declaration

Program cost $189

*Additional double boat dive $195