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Advanced Wreck

RAID’s Advanced Wreck Diver course has been designed to build on the basic wreck diving skills learnt in an advanced program. With a pre-requisite of RAID Advanced 35 or equivalent the program focuses on the equipment, techniques, problem solving and skills necessary to explore the structure of a wreck. Divers also learn to plan and safely carry our penetrations of wrecks. The program includes online theory modules, land skills, equipment session, 4 wreck dives and an optional pool session depending on students’ previous certifications and experience. With the knowledge and skills learnt on the course students will have the ability to plan and conduct penetration wreck dives including some of our most iconic WW1 J Class submarine wrecks.



*Redundant gas supply required in the form of manifolded twin tanks or stage with an independent regulator


Our mission in line with RAID’s philosophy is to ensure we train proficient and safe divers in an enjoyable atmosphere. All our courses are performance based and we will take extra time where needed to ensure you meet standards. This extra time may incur additional costs.






To be a minimum of 15 years old

Certified RAID Advanced 35 or equivalent

Complete the RAID registration procedures HERE


Before making your course payment we encourage you to complete the medical questionnaire either on the RAID website or via this downloadable form HERE. If anything on there could be of concern, please contact us!



On-line theory completion

2 Evening Theory Sessions

Pool Session

4 Boat Dives



Mask                        Backup Mask

Safety Spool            Compass

SMB & Spool           2nd cutting device

Primary Torch          Line Cutting Device

Backup Torch           Wrist Slate/ Wet notes

Redundant Gas Supply*

Own full SCUBA equipment preferred




*bailout cylinder and reg included.



June Course

June 5th & 6th - Theory & Land Drills

June 15th & 16th - Boat Dives


July Course

July 24th & 25th - Theory & Land Drills

July 27th & 28th - Boat Dives 


Course Booking Information

For course booking information, including our rescheduling policy, please click HERE.