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Born from situations where divers need to carry cylinders in places other than on the back Sidemount diving has developed into the system of choice for many divers. RAID’s Sidemount Specialty program develops the skills and procedures necessary to use side mounted cylinder(s) for the flexibility of diving in a sleek and low profile style. Sidemount systems can be used for twin tank, single cylinders and rebreathers. The system is a great option for any diver wanting to try a different style of diving or minimise weight bearing on their back. By incorporating the use of different systems divers will have a greater understanding of varying disciplines and become stronger overall divers with their universal skills and knowledge.



Our mission in line with RAID’s philosophy is to ensure we train proficient and safe divers in an enjoyable atmosphere. All our courses are performance based and we will take extra time where needed to ensure you meet standards. This extra time may incur additional costs.



To be a minimum of 15 years old

Certified RAID OW20 or equivalent

Complete the RAID registration procedures

*Due to the nature of adjustment and fine-tuning students must have their own equipment for the course



On-line theory completion

Theory and Equipment Configuration Session

Pool Session

8 Dives




Boots and Fins

Sidemount System

Complete Sidemount Regulator set

SMB and spool



Practical & e-learning Training Package $1500